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Who is Hey Maker!

Hello we are Hey Maker!

Hey Maker is a collective.

A creative collective of five people who raised a formidable 11,900 + in just 30 days. We raised these funds in order to create an artspace in Murwillumbah, a sweet spot near river and mountain that is home to a rich and varied culture of creatives: artists, designers, musicians, performers, crafters and makers.

We did this to provide these amazing people with a platform to sell, share, learn, connect and inspire. We did this to promote our community and surrounds as a cultural destination. We did this in response to our town’s economic decline – too many vacant storefronts, seemed like the perfect opportunity to POP UP! We want these stores filled with creative projects that support, nurture and promote our local artists.

Our first storefront opens on the 12th of October, the Hey Maker! Workroom and Store.

Inside you will find a place to gather, a place to rest and read, a beautifully curated retail space, a space to create, and workshops to be inspired by.

We hope you will support this very worthwhile project, because this project has the potential to bring our community together, to create rich partnerships between art and business, to support our local creatives who are generous and inspiring and unique and to showcase our naturally beautiful home and all that makes it a brilliant place to be.

Hey Maker! is Belinda Smith, Ellie Beck, Kathy Egan, Jo Olive and Christy McLeod.

Hey Maker! is from Murwillumbah, Northern NSW, Australia.